THE GRIT is a team of successful athletes and professionals from the sporting and corporate world supported by sports associations and sport clubs throughout the UK.

With our courses we support aspiring, elite and transitioning athletes before and through their retirement phase to a life after sport.

Our dynamic modules are the product of two years of research and piloting programmes with professionals and elite athletes that have proven to vastly improve the chances of successful transition.

Our vision is bold in scope and impact and is not just about matching athletes with businesses as they retire.

At THE GRIT we vitalise an athlete’s self-belief, passion and perseverance, guiding and nurturing individual talent and honed discipline.

THE GRIT is more than a collection of modules. THE GRIT is more than adaptive training and mentoring programmes. THE GRIT is also about creating and utilising professional networks in the process of ensuring each and every athlete is able to clearly identify their opportunities, transfer their skills and evolve their unique abilities to embrace new challenges and thrive.

THE GRIT is your match-fit team, working with you, for your life after sport.