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It is categorically not a sign of weakness to ask for help, asking does not make us high maintenance, weak or incompetent – but real, a true human being! Stiff upper lip, don’t show emotion, bottle it all up is nonsense and so out of date, my parents refused to ask...

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Life in Balance

There are so many books, articles and white papers all looking at the world of having a life in Balance is this the ultimate question about life in general or is it simply a question of finding some sort of happiness and contentment? Too much noise going on so many of...

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The Key

Working out the  key to your network doesn’t have to be a challenge. Firstly you need to know who is in your network.  Quite simply, this means going back through your history and working out who you know. Consider when you were at school and a friend’s mum or dad...

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Who’s got Your Back?

The gloves come off, the boots hung up, the goggles and costumes go away - who’s got your back now? Who is looking after your welfare for the next 50 years? It’s a monumental change in fortunes, change in focus and unsurprisingly is a very difficult journey for many...

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You don’t have to wait for the beginning of a year or the start of a new month to consider your goals, direction and dedication to your current path. Focusing on the word dedication -  it is one of those very emotive words, meaning very different things to each person...

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Festive seasons come and go, stresses and challenges of family responsibilities and obligations build and eventually disappear. At the time, it can be difficult to work out how you are meant to switch off and switch off you must. Take real time away from the office,...

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Everybody has a history, a back catalogue. It’s a fact, it’s no surprise that we all have a history. Whether you are of an age where all your crazy stuff was done before the advent of Facebook or you have been followed throughout your adult life from personal and...

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Having a PowerTeam fit for purpose going forward in Life After Sport can be the difference between smiling or not, having a direction and finding your mojo or ambling along and being lost. The core principles behind The Grit programmes are: No one gets left behind No...

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Sell By Date

We all favour different senses, people are said to have a bias to one or two of the major senses - sight, smell, touch, sound and taste - all are very specific relying on organs within the body to 'sense' what is going on. However, consider that other sense - the...

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