Festive seasons come and go, stresses and challenges of family responsibilities and obligations build and eventually disappear. At the time, it can be difficult to work out how you are meant to switch off and switch off you must.

Take real time away from the office, the office space or the PC – allow yourself to really walk away. Nobody will be sending you emails, proposals or business requests. Should you by a very very small remote chance receive one ask the question why, why is this person talking to me and not spending time with friends, family or helping others that have neither?

Life is all about enjoying and appreciating the good things, everyone has challenges, throughout this year you will have had crap times, average times and awesome memories, it’s your choice what you choose to dwell on.

The stronger your PowerTeam is for you, those people that support you, the greater the positive difference they will have on you, they provide the backing when times are tough and remind you to celebrate the good.

It’s now time to step down, switch off and relax – celebrate and have fun!