Collaborate with Us

The Life After Sport programme is growing through proactive involvement of collaborative partners enabling expansion plans. The strategy is to licence regions to skilled business facilitators and coaches with a passion for working with this very particular market.

1 – Business Solutions

The programme provides the support network for the development of each member not the promotion or selling of random solutions that may or may not be right for them.

2 – What’s in it for you?

Long term successful clients who have clarity as to their direction and purpose with a combined support network assisting their development become more loyal.

3 – How do you make money?

In the same way you always have – as your client develops and creates more business interests and levels of success, all professional service providers will gain.

4 – Why should you be associated?

Too many ex-pros go to their graves having had a very unfulfilled second half of their lives, removing isolation and loneliness increases the potential for a fulfilling life.

5 – Who is the competition?

There are perceived similar offerings provided by various associations, however none of these provide a multisport & business peer coaching mastermind programme.

6 – You just want our database!

No, we need you to feel comfortable to introduce your clients and members to us in the first instance, then working together as a part of their trusted PowerTeam.

7 – Where are my risks?

Former player and athlete welfare is the primary activity – the more we work with the more help can be provided with potential for less tragedies in the headlines.

8 – What’s going to happen should a member want to change part of their PowerTeam?

How a member operates their business relationships is clearly down to them.

9 – Who’s helping them with their commercialisation going forward?

There are no designs to become a sports management company, it is a given fact that the Sports persons’ brand is a rapidly depreciating asset after retirement, having the right partner is a personal decision for each individual.

10 – Why should I trust you?

The industry has a mixed reputation around the word trust with a history of companies trying to squeeze reputations and leverage names for their own gain. Life After Sport has powerful endorsements from the world of sport supporting the programmes objectives.

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In the military there are many units that work with the mantra that ‘no one gets left behind’ it is our belief that in Life After Sport no one should be left alone, isolated and lost trying to find their mojo for the next 50 years of their life.