Some of the positive feedback we received after running a successful pilot transition scheme for two years under the name LIFE AFTER SPORT.

Having run an acknowledged mastermind course and mentored athletes in this period we have evolved into THE GRIT.

THE GRIT is about creating and utilising professional networks in the process of ensuring each and every athlete is able to clearly identify their opportunities, transfer their skills and evolve their unique abilities to embrace new challenges and thrive.


Paralympics Multiple Gold Medal winning Archer

“The programme LIFE AFTER SPORT [now THE GRIT] sounds like the right sort of programme I could have done with when that bombshell of reclassification was dropped on me. I was lucky I had a strong support team around me at that time, many don’t. Mike and his team at THE GRIT can make a real difference helping professional sports people to move from full time professional sports person to a rewarding and profitable Life after sport! Wishing you all a successful and worthwhile LIFE AFTER SPORT”.


Former England 7s and Worcester Warrior Rugby Union Player

“I have always enjoyed work and I’m more productive as a result of support and access to this LIFE AFTER SPORT programme. THE GRIT is now my powerteam, always on hand for constant support.”


Professional Bantamweight Boxer

“I love my occupation and have had an even greater love for it since the LIFE AFTER SPORT mastermind sessions began. I’m always open to new ideas and change. That's why I attended these sessions. I took so much on board from LIFE AFTER SPORT team. I’m still in touch with the guys and my business now allows [my] sport and now THE GRIT network to work together.”


Former World Record Holder 5000 m

“A programme like LIFE AFTER SPORT didn’t exist when I retired but they are so important. To move from being a full time international sports person, in the public eye, waking up each day with a clear sense of purpose to a completely different type of life in retirement can be difficult.
Good luck to Mike and the team at LIFE AFTER SPORT – I hope you can make a real difference helping sports people to make the transition into a rewarding and profitable future career.”


Former Professional Basketball player

“Having a Mastermind team around me gives me so much confidence and unique perspectives to what I can and should be doing with my business."


Former World Number 1 Darts professional

“LIFE AFTER SPORT provides support, networks and masterminding in a multi sport environment taking players out of their normal comfort zone and providing an environment with multisport knowledge and direction, their caption winners working with winners really does say a lot.”


Former Professional Football player for Aston Villa and Coventry

“Programmes and support like LIFE AFTER SPORT will continue to help professional sports people to make an informed and supported move from full time professional sports person to a rewarding and profitable Life After Sport. Wishing Mike and the team all the very best with LIFE AFTER SPORT.”


Former England and Leicester Rugby Union player

“I am a big fan of the whole concept of the LIFE AFTER SPORT programmes – with players working together from different sporting backgrounds and looking out for each other as well. I am associated as well with Switch The Play, a Social Enterprise that is committed to helping people fulfil their potential through and beyond sport.”


British alpine skier representing Great Britain at the 2010 and 2014 Winter Paralympic Games.

“With this LIFE AFTER SPORT masterminding course I feel in a better place: I’m feeling powerful and getting control [of my life] - doing what I enjoy. I have just applied for a role as a BBC presenter.”


Professional PGA Golf Player

“I started working with LIFE AFTER SPORT last year and life was somewhat turbulent, as it probably will always be in sport. But Mike and the masterminding team have helped and continue to provide support to ensure that I am getting the best out of my game and also keeping my finger on the pulse within my business. Taking positive steps with strong support from LIFE AFTER SPORT [THE GRIT] team.”


Former New Zealand Semi-Professional Squash Player

“Masterminding for success with the LIFE AFTER SPORT programme provides exactly that – a truly accountable and support network of fellow sports minded people. Everyone working on that huge challenge of making a positive transfer into a fulfilling life now that my sport is no longer my key driver or money earner for me.
Buddy partners and accountable team mates have always kept me on track on the pitch or in the court, creating the right team now for the way ahead makes all the difference. Making it up as you go along will not work, get the right support team around you for the next 45 years of your life!"


Former Professional Ice Hockey player and Head coach of Great Britain U20 Ice Hockey team

“LIFE AFTER SPORT programme really will have a massive impact on all sports people hunting for their new focus, direction and success.”


Former Warwickshire and Worcestershire Cricketer

“I was very aware how quickly you become irrelevant after your career ends – something I learnt early on in my transition is that the world doesn’t owe you a living, you need to be prepared.
LIFE AFTER SPORT gives you just that. More options and advice for all sports people hunting for their new focus, direction and success – having the right support team around you is crucial.”


World IBO Light Welter-Weight Boxing Champion

“Honestly I wish there had been a programme like LIFE AFTER SPORT around when I retired. Boxing is different to many sports in terms of it being combative and one on one, you live or die by your ability to outwit and out box your opponent. However in saying that in Civvy Street I am just another retired athlete with my own gremlins and challenges to face day by day. I made it, sadly I know many that haven’t or are still struggling. Mike and his team can make a real difference helping professional sports people to move into a rewarding and profitable Life After Sport!
Retirement from any sport is not easy and you need all the help you can get. LIFE AFTER SPORT could be the pathway to your next career.”