Mastermind Programme

The Life After Sport Offering

The foundation of “Life After Sport” is a seriously powerful monthly Mastermind Group. Building a relevant PowerTeam support network required for success in business, be that as a former professional sports person, ex-serviceman or woman or an aspiring business entrepreneur. A confidential peer support environment that allows members to present their issues and gain structured advice from the other members and expert speakers, be held accountable for the actions they commit to whilst continuously being supported along the way. All work is provided within the boundaries of coaching and support, pre any form of clinical support or diagnosis.

Life After Sport Mastermind Programme (12-month open programme)

The Full Mastermind programme is filled with a combination of like-minded former and current professional sports people, mixed with business people and former military personnel, whose energy is now targeted at making both their own, and each member’s, life the best it can be.

The right PowerTeam – Success in life and business comes from having the right PowerTeam around you, there isn’t a magic pill to fix things or create opportunities overnight. We all have to play the long game where resolute support is required to unlock and discover new directions previously hidden.

Many sports people will have elements of the PowerTeam working very well for them thanks to a proactive and supportive management team that has helped them throughout their career to date and in readiness for their career moving forward.

The foundation of a PowerTeam is made up of the following.

  • The right Coach for life ahead: why? doing what? how? Purpose – Business Coach for business interests, Performance Coach for speaking and stretching potential
  • Money Rocks -Wealth Management team that works with and plans the new way ahead
  • Legal Eagle – to protect against decisions made or yet to be made in your favour
  • Get out of Jail Free card – HMRC must be satisfied with all they receive – compliance
  • The Mastermind Group – peer support engaging with other people in a similar situation, with the simple of goal of helping each other to succeed.

The Mini-Mastermind Programmes (three different 120 day programmes)

Four months of Mastermind Peer support with a specific topic set in advance for each month, designed to create the maximum impact, discovery and learning for the members throughout the programme

Which Way Now – Life is different now – which is the right way forward for you?

Let The Game Begin – The business needs to get moving, what’s on the agenda?

Speaking with Gravitas – You’ve got great stories, now let’s make money from them.

Life After Sport Programme is not about providing business solutions for members, it’s about providing the support network that ebbs and flows along with the development of each member.

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In the military there are many units that work with the mantra that ‘no one gets left behind’ it is our belief that in Life After Sport no one should be left alone, isolated and lost trying to find their mojo for the next 50 years of their life.