Mike Pagan – Life After Sport

Mike PaganMike is the founder of Life After Sport – designed for professional sports people in or heading towardsretirement – his absolute passion is working with sports professionals helping them uncover and follow their new path supported by the right team for the way ahead. He is a Business and Performance Coach, Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and Author; with 25 years experience in the UK and overseas, assisting individuals and businesses to perform better and achieve more.

Mike PaganMike has been involved in sport all his life, achieving academy grade level rugby, he now gets his adrenalin rush in the water polo pool; he is a proficient swimmer (Channel swim 2015), a fitness and aerobics instructor and a
sports coach.

His unique combination of sport and business knowledge is perfectly united in Life After Sport, to service this niche market of players and athletes in transition. Using the proven models of Action Learning Sets and Masterminding, Mike has created Life After Sport in order to channel the intoxicating energy of members towards making both theirs and each member’s life after sport the best it can be, while being supported by the right Powerteam for each individual member.
What could be more powerful than winners working with winners, proving there is Life After Sport?